Product Development Strategy Process



This is the first and most important step in our product development strategy. It is here that we cooperate with clients to collect as much information about design intent, product use, intended markets and pricing structures. From this we develop a mutual go forward plan and project quote. We break the project into stages, at which there are design milestones that allow for progress review and accountability. This gives the client maximum control over the process and allows for rapid and measurable decisions.



Next we incorporate sustainable product design and intent into state of the art computerized SolidWorks 3D models that enable us and the client to visualize intended design forms and functions. This process is very effective and allows for rapid design reviews and concept prove out.

After design is complete and project is finished, we supply clients with manufacturing drawings and all applicable 3D CAD files.



This is done through a free easy to use 3D email system that allows both parties the ability to view, add and keep track of design communications. This simple yet effective system is another reason mb INNOVATIONS is so effective in product development.

For real time design communication we use state of the art Web based Go To Meeting that allows clients and us to share real time information.

Communication of design intent, design progress and input from all sides is another reason mb INNOVATIONS stands out from the crowd as your quality engineering design service.