Innovative Product Design


We cooperate with clients to collect as much information about design intent, product use, intended markets and pricing structures.


We use state of the art computerized SolidWorks 3D models that enable us and the client to visualize intended design forms and functions.


For real time design communication we use state of the art Web based Go To Meeting that allows clients and us to share real time information.


We use sustainable product design strategies with both the INTENT and MANUFACTURING in mind, this sets us apart from your typical design firm.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

What sets us apart from others is our customer friendly unique design process which allows for maximum customer input, close collaboration and customer measured results. From simple designs to proto types and manufacturing assistance, mb INNOVATIONS has the napkin idea to complex electromechanical experience for your design needs.

For new innovators, mb INNOVATIONS is a perfect fit to take your concepts from the idea stage to proof of concept and proto type. We can also assist in market and manufacturing evaluations. Our many years of multi industry design can be invaluable for the first timers!

Because of our flexibility and multi industry expertise, mb INNOVATIONS is a cost effective addition to a new company with part time engineering needs or mature companies needing additional design expertise. We are known as the go to guys for our outside of the box design thinking and innovation.